November 5, 2016

Holy Martyrs Domninos, Timothy, Theophilos, Theotimos, Dorotheos, Eupsychios, Carterios, Silvanos, Pamphilos and Three Virgins of Palestine

12 Holy Martyrs of Palestine (Feast Day - November 5)


To Domninos
Domninos examined well the fires of gehenna,
So that this fire did not entirely frighten him.

To Timothy, Theophilos and Theotimos
Timothy and his two fellow athletes,
Were killed with fists. And God honors the Word.

To Hieromartyr Dorotheos
Dorotheos was given to the wild beasts,
Brought as a gift to be received by God.

To Eupsychios and Carterios
Carterios had his genitals cut off,
With Eupsychios bearing a brave soul.

To Silvanos
In the copper mines Silvanos is thrown,
Forsaking copper for an alternate life.

To Pamphilos
You were subdued by guards before being scraped by guards,
Suitably receiving a double crown Pamphilos.

These Holy Martyrs lived during the reign of Maximianus, when Urbanus was governor of Palestine (c. 298).

The first to be martyred was Saint Domninos, who underwent many tortures then was burned alive.

Timothy, Theophilos and Theotimos were handsome youths in the bloom of physical strength, who were condemned to die by being punched to death.

Dorotheos was a revered and sacred Presbyter, who was given as food to wild beasts.

Eupsychios and Carterios, who were mature in age, had their genitals cut off and were made into eunuchs.

Silvanos was condemned to hard labor in the copper mines of Phaeno in Palestine.

Pamphilos, who was adorned with wisdom and every virtue, was torn at his sides twice, then cast into prison with other confessors of the faith.

Three virgins were given to unbridled brothel owners, and other maidens were cast into prison.

The sinful tyrant accomplished all these things within one hour, and in these ways the above mentioned athletes were perfected by martyrdom.