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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Synaxarion of Saint Philotheos the Presbyter and Wonderworker

On the fifteenth of this month [September], we commemorate our Holy Father Philotheos the Presbyter and Wonderworker.

Philotheos who lived as God’s good friend,
Has found unending life with God’s good friends.

Philotheos was from the village of Myrmix in the Opsikion Theme of Asia Minor. His name was similar to that of his mother, who was named Theophila. After entering into marriage and bearing a child, he was ordained a Priest at the insistence of the people due to his piety and sound mind.

From that time he always occupied himself with prayer and fasting, making him worthy to receive from God the grace to work wonders. Among his many wonders, he miraculously provided bread for some starving people, water from the river he changed to wine, and he moved a huge rock merely by his word. Many other such wonders did he perform in his lifetime.

After his repose and burial, a year passed and his relic was to be moved to another spot. Two Priests therefore went to lift up his body when - O the wonder! - the Saint stretched out his two arms as if he was alive, and grabbed hold of the two Priests by the shoulders, got up, and walked three steps to the place where his relic lies today, gushing forth ever-flowing myrrh, testifying to his wonderworking and pure and unusual conduct.

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