September 21, 2016

Saints Isaac and Meletios, Bishops of Cyprus

Sts. Isaac and Meletios of Cyprus (Feast Day - September 21)


To Meletios
The care of Meletios flowed with life,
So that in the end one could say he loved.

To Isaac
Isaac was sacrificed like a calf by the sword,
Because he did not sacrifice a calf to the gods.

The venerable and blessed Fathers Isaac and Meletios were Bishops of the Church of Cyprus at different times. Isaac was a Bishop earlier than Meletios. Both were pious and feared God, who served the people selflessly by giving all that they had to the poor and giving aid and consolation to orphans, widows and the destitute.

Not only did they distribute bread, but also words of faith, never ceasing to teach the people the divine words of Christ. For this they were granted by God to work miracles. After bringing healing to many, Isaac completed his life in martyrdom through beheading, while Meletios reposed in peace at an advanced age.*


* It should be noted that the Menologion of Basil II commemorates both Saints together on September 21st, while the Synaxarion of Constantinople commemorates Meletios on September 20th and Isaac on September 21st. Both lived similar lives, except at different times and one reposed in peace while the other was martyred, though the Menologion of Basil II says they both reposed in peace.