Tuesday, September 6, 2016

13 Holy Martyrs Beheaded in Alexandria Under Decius Celebrated on September 6th

On the sixth of this month [August], we commemorate the Holy Martyrs Kalodoti who was with child, Faustus the presbyter, Makarios and Andrew, Bibos the monk, Kyriakos, Dionysios and Andronikos, Andropelagia and Thekla, Theoktistos the sea captain, Kyriakos the commoner and Sarapabon the councillor, who met their end by the sword.


Saint Kalodoti, who was pregnant with child

Kalodoti's head was struck off with a sword,
A giver of good before You stands O Word.

Saint Faustus the Presbyter

By a sword Faustus left the earth,
And came to the brightness of the dwelling on high.

Saints Makarios the Citizen and Andrew the Hairdresser

When Andrew and Makarios died by the sword,
Both made a journey by a blessed path.

Saint Bibos the Deacon and Monk

The crown of virtue Bibos would have been denied,
Had he not received the crown of martyrdom.

Saints Kyriakos the disciple of Saint Faustus, Dionysios the Reader and Andronikos the Soldier

With Dionysios two also were of one mind,
With Dionysios they were slain by the sword.

Saint Andropelagia and Thekla, who were virgins and sisters according to the flesh*

How bravely Andropelagia went,
To execution as did Thekla too.

Saint Theoktistos the Sea Captain

Theoktistos the Ship Captain with his head struck off,
Steers the vessel of his soul to the vault above.

Saint Kyriakos the Commoner

Kyriakos a commoner, but by the sword
A fellow banqueter of the choir of Martyrs.

Saint Sarapabon the Councillor

Perhaps there is no better councillor,
Then the Martyr Serapabon by the sword.

These Saints lived during the reign of Emperor Decius (249-251), and in the year 250 were apprehended for being Christians by Governor Valerian of Alexandria, and were brought before him. Astounded by their firm faith and lack of fear in their hearts, he ordered that they be killed by the sword. After they were killed, Christians of Alexandria took their bodies and buried them, that they may be for the city of Alexandria a most precious and inviolate treasure.


* It should be noted here, that perhaps the name Andropelagia is a mixture of the two names Andronikos (or Andrew as some sources refer to him) and Pelagia. Because in the Patmian Codex 266, commemoration is here made of one named Pelagia together with Thekla, and then of Andronikos the Soldier. Some Synaxaria also list their commemoration for November 3rd and the Sunday of All Saints.

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