September 21, 2016

Holy Martyr Priscus of Phrygia

St. Priscus the Martyr of Phrygia (Feast Day - September 21)


Bearing the living water in his heart,
Priscus feared not the burning of the flesh.

According to the Menologion of Basil II, Priscus came to love God and received divine Baptism after abandoning the impiety of his forefathers. He boldly proclaimed Christ, and in so doing he emboldened other Christians, while at the same time converting many pagans to faith in Christ. For this he was brought to trial, and after denouncing the gods and the royal decree that bid all to worship them, he urged everyone to revere and worship Christ Crucified.

When the governor heard this, he ordered that Priscus be tortured. He was tied up to a wooden pole, and his sides were torn at with iron claws. After enduring this, he was beheaded, and departed to the Lord.*


* It should be noted that the Synaxarion of Constantinople says he completed his martyrdom by being burned alive, hence the reference in the iambic verses.