June 6, 2016

The Final Paschal Appeal Update

Dear friends:

Christ is Risen!

Though I was going to return to regular posting this week, three factors have forced me to postpone for about another week. The first reason is because we are still 10% or $1000 from reaching our goal during this fundraising campaign. The second reason is that I have something I must attend to today and tomorrow. Most importantly, late last week I was also informed that I need to have a necessary surgical procedure done on me this week on the feast of the Ascension, for which I will probably need a few days recovery time. This being the case, I hope to return to regular posting next week (though the following Thursday I will have another more minor surgical procedure). By that time, it is expected that our fundraising goal will be met, with your generous help. Please also say a prayer some time this week for my healing and speedy recovery, and thank you for your patience during this time and generous financial contributions.

With love in the Risen Lord,

John Sanidopoulos

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