June 13, 2016

The Ecumenism That Stinks

There are various forms of ecumenism, some more acceptable than others. This should be kept in mind when reading the narration of Elder Ephraim of Katounakia below, to whom was revealed that an ecumenism that betrays Orthodoxy by only stressing the common elements between confessions while not acknowledging differences, is in fact an ecumenism that stinks.

Sometime around 1970, three youths came by: One was a theologian, a fervent follower of Ecumenism. He explained to me the new mentality, that by stressing the positive elements between the confessions and cultivating a spirit of trust, we can arrive at union. They made a hymn of love and how we should forget the strong passions and differences of the past. I, to tell you the truth, heard such theories for the first time and so nicely developed.

When the youths left I was very impressed with what they told me. That night I prayed to Christ: "My Christ, is this truly a positive movement? Will this bring good to Orthodoxy?" Then the room in which I sat was filled with a stench. I was forced to open the window and the door, but the stench would not leave, but it flourished. I left the room, because I could not breathe. For three days the stench was unbearable in my room.

I therefore know them well, as I have clear information from Heaven: for three days I could not get rid of the stench from my cell.

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