June 27, 2016

Synaxarion of Saint Sampson the Innkeeper

St. Sampson the Innkeeper (Feast Day - June 27)


Just as Sampson of old with a jawbone was led to drink,
So Sampson now gushes forth myrrh from his tomb.
On the twenty-seventh Sampson died and gushed forth myrrh.

This Saint was from old Rome, and flourished during the reign of Emperor Justinian the Great (527-565).

After distributing his wealth to the poor, which he inherited from his parents, he went to Constantinople. There he visited all the sacred churches, and took spiritual delight in their beauty.

After settling in a quiet place, he nourished himself and abided in the study of the divine Scriptures, focusing solely on God.

When he was manifested and became known to the most-holy Patriarch Menas of Constantinople, he ordained him a Priest, and became one of his Clergy.

He became a harbor of salvation to the storm-tossed, a refuge to those suffering, a physician to the sick and gave physical help to those who were in need, for this renowned man was experienced in the art of medicine.

When Emperor Justinian suffered from an incurable disease, he healed him. Because of this the Emperor became amazed at the virtues of the Saint, and he ascribed to him reverence and honor. Wherefore with his help a magnificent and famous home was built, which was made into an inn, and established the Saint as Skevophylax of the Great Church.

With these God-loving works the blessed Sampson reposed in the Lord. His honorable relics were deposited in the magnificent Church of Saint Mokios, which gushed forth myrrh, and daily is the source of various healings, to the glory and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

His Synaxis is celebrated in the brilliant inn he built and organized.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
O holy Sampson, imitator of God's compassion, thou dost pour forth streams of divine goodness. For radiant with God's love, thou didst relieve the afflicted and suffering, and dost grant eternal healing to all who honour thee.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
We flock to thy shrine as to a most excellent physician, O righteous, holy Sampson. We come together to praise thee with psalms and hymns, and we glorify Christ Who has gifted thee with healing.