May 17, 2016

Week 2 Update on the Paschal Appeal

Dear friends and readers:

Christ is Risen!

First of all, a big thank you to all those who have thus far responded to the fund raiser/appeal that began a week ago in support of this ministry (see the previous post for details). Your generosity is much appreciated. We have so far reached 33% of our goal of $10,000. For those who have not yet contributed, please do so today to help us reach our goal.

Secondly, every contribution counts. As I've said in the past, if you value this ministry yet are unable to contribute, even if each of my readers gave $1 the goal would be met within a few days. No one has ever taken me up on this offer, since the lowest contribution I have ever received is $5. So if you feel like only a large contribution will count, and you are unable to make such a contribution, please consider giving whatever you can afford. This is one of the reasons I included a $2.50 subscription offer as well.

Third, regular posting will continue when the goal is met. Meanwhile I am working on projects behind the scenes which this fundraiser will help bring to fruition. If the goal is met this week, this will be the final update.

Fourth, for those wanting to keep up with the daily feasts and saints of the day till my return, you can read about the Saints and Feasts of May here and about the Pentecostarion period we are in here. On our Facebook and Twitter pages, we have also made occasional posts from the past, including the top ten most read posts of all time, and will continue making occasional posts.

Lastly, three times a day or so I update where we are at with reaching the goal at the top of this page. As I said above, we are currently as of the writing of this update at 10:00 am, at 33% of our goal.

With much appreciation for your help and support,

John Sanidopoulos

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