May 23, 2016

Week 3 Update on the Paschal Appeal

Dear friends and readers:

Christ is Risen!

Though contributions had slowed down in the second week, it is my hope that in this third week things will pick up again to reach our goal. Currently we are about half way to our goal, at 49%, and for this I extend my great appreciation to all who have thus far contributed.

To help along in reaching our $10,000 goal, I was informed this morning of some exciting news by someone who wishes to remain anonymous that they would be willing to offer a matching contribution if another $2500 is raised. Therefore, if we can raise another $2500, which would bring us at 75% of our goal, he would match that amount to bring it automatically to 100%. Thus whatever gift you contribute, will be doubled! What a great opportunity for this ministry!

To raise the incentive to contribute to this ministry, and to prove that it is making an impact, it was brought to my attention last week that the Mystagogy Resource Center, or specifically this site, is currently the 14th most popular blog in religion on the internet, and the only Orthodox blog on the list of the fifty most popular. It is also 3rd in unique monthly visitors, 10th in number of pages indexed by Google, 10th in number of incoming links, 14th in Google PR, 4th in Alexa site rank, and 3rd in compete rank.

Thank you all for visiting and taking advantage of the unique resources provided by the Mystagogy Resource Center!

Please take advantage of the offer for a matching contribution by sending along your gift today!

With love in the Risen Lord,

John Sanidopoulos

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