May 9, 2016

The Blessing of Automobiles and Drivers for the Feast of Saint Christopher

The priest of the Chapel of Saint Nektarios in Nafplio, Fr. Vasilios Golemis, sprinkled with holy water the automobiles, motorcycles and drivers on the feast of Saint Christopher, the patron of travelers and drivers, on Monday 9 May.

After a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy celebrated by Metropolitan Nektarios of Argolis, at which time he presented the chapel with a portion of the relic of Saint Nektarios for the veneration of the faithful, the yearly blessing of the automobiles took place. The reason it is done here is because the chapel has a portion of it on the left side dedicated to Saint Christopher.

For many year now after the Divine Liturgy the blessing of the automobiles and drivers takes place, not only the external portion of the vehicles but also the engine under the hood, that Saint Christopher may keep the drivers and vehicles safe from any harm. This year even the local taxi drivers came to have their vehicles blessed.