May 10, 2016

A Paschal Appeal from the Mystagogy Resource Center

Dear friends:

Christ is Risen!

I hope this past Great Lent and Holy Week were spiritually fruitful for you, and the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord was filled with joy and a fulfillment of all your expectations and anticipations.

Every year during the second week of Pascha I make it a point to take some time off away from posting to catch up on other business matters. And probably the most important of these matters is a fund-raising campaign for this ministry, since without the financial support of my readers, this ministry cannot move forward. Your generosity over the past three years has kept this ministry alive allowing it to be a blessing to thousands of people around the world. Please continue to lend your financial support, increase it if possible, and if this ministry is somewhat of a blessing in your day and you don't financially support this ministry please consider doing so today.

This year the Mystagogy Resource Center is committed to growth in new and exciting ways. The only thing standing in its way is the financial ability to do so. Though many people have been a blessing to this ministry with their support, financially it is still far from the goal. 2016 was supposed to be the year of publishing some new important Orthodox books, expanding and unifying and developing our online presence (which covers many things), and hoping to hire some people that will help me to get this all done. There's only so much one person can do in a day, unfortunately. It also has placed a financial burden on myself, which can't continue for too much longer.

The best way to support the Mystagogy Resource Center is by giving a one-time financial gift of what you are able to give, and continuing that support with a monthly subscription of what you can financially afford, thus becoming a partner and team member of this ministry. Up until recently I used to buy a small cup of iced coffee around five days a week for about $2.00, which totaled around $40.00 to $50.00 a month, an amount way beyond my financial capabilities these days. It's pretty insane when you think about how much something like that adds up. Because of my recent health issues that I recently wrote about elsewhere, I had to give up coffee altogether, allowing me to use that money for something more important. Coffee was more a pleasure than important to me, but perhaps you also can somewhat decrease something pleasurable in your life to allow you to give financially to something more important, like to your parish, to a charity, and even to a ministry like the Mystagogy Resource Center that has been a blessing in your life and in the lives of thousands around the world, literally in every nation, city and even remote places.

Having said that, if you are able to contribute a gift of $60 or more today, I will send you at no extra cost a copy of a booklet I wrote a while ago at the request of a former Protestant professor of mine titled Ten Reasons I Believe in the Holy Light of Jerusalem, with some updated information. For a gift of $50 or more, or at least a $10 a month subscription, I will also sign you up to have access to a private website that will feature updated information and excerpts from the future publications of this ministry. This website will be launched, due to certain technical issues over the past few months when it should have been launched, within a week or two. And all who donate will also be signed up for a monthly email personal newsletter which will begin in June, and your names as well as the names you submit for both your living and departed loved ones will be included in a list of names I submit to six monasteries. I have a goal of raising at least $10,000 with this campaign, and this appeal will determine the direction of this ministry for the coming year. To reach this goal, everyone's help is needed. Never has this ministry raised such an amount in the past.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Click on the DONATE button to make a one-time donation (a Paypal account is not needed to make a one-time donation):

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John Sanidopoulos
PO Box 320284
West Roxbury, MA 02132

With love in the Risen Christ,

John Sanidopoulos,

Director of the Mystagogy Resource Center