March 21, 2016

Saint Beryllus, Bishop of Catania

St. Beryllus of Catania (Feast Day - March 21)


Next to dead Beryllus was found a crown,
Having dominated both passions and demons.

Saint Beryllus was from Antioch in Syria, and a disciple of Peter the Apostle. Having joined the Leader of the Apostles on his missionary journey to the West, he was ordained by him Bishop of Catania which is on the island of Sicily. There he shepherded his flock well and in a God-loving manner, led many to faith in Christ, and worked many miracles, of which we will mention here only one.

There was a spring in Catania which gushed forth only bitter water. Through his prayers, Beryllus changed this bitterness into sweetness. When a certain Greek idolater saw this miracle, he believed in Christ, along with many others.

The Saint shined forth with other such miracles, and when he reached deep old age, he reposed in the sleep prepared for the righteous. His holy relics were entombed in the city of Catania in a magnificent manner, and from them gushed forth healings which continue to this day, for those who approach him with faith.

A Divine Service was written to Saint Beryllus by Theophanes of Sicily and Joseph the Hymnographer, in which he is called the first Bishop of Catania. In Slavic synaxaria he is commonly known as Cyril, which is thought to have been his real name.