March 1, 2016

Saint Antonina the Martyr of Nicaea

St. Antonina of Nicaea (Feast Day - March 1 and June 12)


The sea has become a nuptial chamber,
Covering Antonina the bride of the Lord.

The Holy Martyr Antonina was from the city of Nicaea, which in Turkish is called Iznik, who during the reign of Emperor Maximian (286-305) stood before this emperor and confessed Christ, for which she became subject to various torments and imprisoned.

Then she was taken out of prison, and after refusing to sacrifice to idols she was made to be hung up and torn at her sides. While suffering such things, the blessed one derided the deities of the Greek pagans and the erring ways of the emperor. For this she was delivered to her torturers, who were told to unclothe her and harshly beat her. When the torturers approached her to unclothe her, straightway Angels descended from Heaven and hit the torturers harshly, pushing them back, thus keeping the Saint from harm.

After these things she was placed on a lit grill. Because she came out of this unharmed by the grace of Christ, she was placed in a sack and thrown into the lake of Nicaea, and so the glorious one received the crown of martyrdom.