March 19, 2016

The Chapel of Saints Theodoroi in Nafplio, Built by Theodoros Kolokotronis

Between the years 1825 to 1832 Theodoros Kolokotronis, the General and hero of the Greek War of Indpendence who was known as the Elder of the Morea, together with his relatives built a chapel to his patrons Saints Theodoroi (Theodore the General and Theodore the Tiro), on property known as Kiul Tepe that was given to him after the liberation of the city from the Turks.

The brothers George, Gregory, Demetrios and Constantine Retalis purchased the estate in 1898, which included the Chapel of Saints Theodoroi. This chapel then was passed down through the family, and today it is maintained in a good state by Penelope Retalis and her husband Christos Arvanitis.

The historian Michael Lambrinidis says that Kolokotronis resided here on this estate and attended church services in the Chapel of Saints Theodoroi. And it was here on the 6th of July in 1833 that the Bavarian police arrested him and brought him to the notorious prison in the fortress of Palamidi.