March 29, 2016

Characteristics of a True Superhero

The Lord, Hero of Heroes

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

The Hero Lord, all heroes gathers He,
All who can maintain the Faith,
Faithful to God, to death remain;
And who can, endure sufferings
Offering thanksgiving to God
And of their sufferings being proud;
And, who others can forgive,
And insults to receive as praise;
And still, who others can instruct
From the sinful path to righteousness return
With a sorrowful, compassionate soul,
And who can be merciful,
In the joy of others, to rejoice,
And with a weeping heart to cry;
And who can, themselves restrain
From evil deeds, words and thoughts,
From over-indulging in drink and food
Who, their body, they do not please
But consider it a temporary dustbin
On the battlefield, from which they fight
Their God-given soul to preserve,
To preserve the Christian Faith,
So that into the city of Paradise to enter,
Where the Kingdom of the Lord of Heroes is,
Where, with heroes, the Hero reigns,
With heroes, not of this world.

A Hymn of Praise from the Prologue.