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Holy Theodoroi Resource Page (Theodore the Stratelates and Theodore the Tiro)

Saint Theodore the Stratelates (February 8 & June 8)

Synaxarion of Holy Great Martyr Theodore the Stratelates

The Great Martyr Theodore the Stratelates

Saint Theodore the General as a Model for our Lives

Two Miracles of Saint Theodore the Stratelates Against the Rus in the 10th Century

Synaxarion of the Translation of the Sacred Relic of Saint Theodore the General

The Relics and Blood-Gushing Icon of St. Theodore the Stratelates

The Relics and Blood-Flowing Icon of St. Theodore Stratelates

Saint Theodore the Tiro (February 17 & First Saturday of Great Lent)

Synaxarion of Saint Theodore the Tiro and Great Martyr

Synaxarion for the First Saturday of Great Lent

Panegyric to Great Martyr Theodore the Tiro (St. Gregory of Nyssa)

The Passion of Saint Theodore the Recruit

The Relics of Saint Theodore the Tiro in Brindisi, Italy

The Veneration of Saint Theodore the Tiro in Samos

St. Theodore the Tiro Day in Bulgaria

Saints Eutropios, Kleonikos and Basiliskos the Martyrs

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Basiliskos, Nephew of Saint Theodore the Tiro

A Strange Custom Related to St. Theodore the Tiro


The Veneration of the Holy Theodores in Serres

The 11th Century Church of Saints Theodoroi in Klafthmonos Square in Athens

The Chapel of Saints Theodoroi in Nafplio, Built by Theodoros Kolokotronis

The Metropolitan Cathedral and Sts. Theodoroi Church In Mytilene


Sources for the Veneration of Saint Theodore

The Iconographical Type of Saints Theodore Teron and Theodore Stratelates Facing Each Other and its Diffusion during the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Period

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