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February 2, 2016

Synaxarion for the Reception of the Lord

On the 2nd of this month [February], the Reception of our Lord Jesus Christ, when the righteous Symeon received Him into his arms.


The hands of Symeon that carry you
The Father’s bosom typify, my Christ.
On the second Symeon received Christ outside the Temple.

Forty days having passed since the incarnation of the Lord’s salvation, the nativity from the Ever-Virgin without husband, our Lord Jesus Christ was brought on this most honored day into the Temple by his all-pure Mother and the righteous Joseph, in accordance with the shadowy letter of the Law. When the aged Symeon, the Elder, to whom it had been revealed by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death until he had seen the Lord’s Christ, had received him in his arms and given thanks and glory to God, he cried out, "Now, Master, release your servant according to your word." And with his great joy he departed from life here, having received that which is heavenly and unending in exchange for that which is of earth. This Synaxis is held in the revered house of our immaculate Lady, the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, which is in Blachernae.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Rejoice, thou who art full of grace, Mother of God and Virgin, for from thee arose the Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God, to give light to those in darkness. Rejoice thou also, righteous Elder, who didst take in thine arms the Redeemer of our souls, Who also gives us the grace of resurrection.

Kontakion in the First Tone
Thou Who didst sanctify the Virgin's womb by Thy birth, and bless Symeon's hands as was fitting, hast now come to us and saved us, O Christ our God. But grant peace in the midst of wars to Thy community, and strengthen the Church which Thou hast loved, O only Lover of mankind.