June 8, 2022

The Divine Visitation to Elder Kyrillos of Evia on the Feast of the Translation of the Relics of Saint Theodore the General

St. Iakovos Tsalikes with his successor Elder Kyrillos

Elder Gabriel, abbot of the Monastery of the Venerable David in Evia, told the following story in a sermon on February 8, 2021 concerning a divine vision of his predecessor, Elder Kyrillos, which took place one June 8th, which is the feast of the Translation of the Sacred Relics of Saint Theodore the General.

One time because of the temptations he was facing he was in great sorrow. He went to his small cell very sad. When he arrived, on his bed was a book of the Lives of the Saints for the month of June and it was opened to the 8th of the month, on which date we commemorate the translation of the relics of Saint Theodore. At that moment he heard a voice from heaven that said to him:

"What did he undergo this Saint, Saint Theodore, to have the place he has in the Church and in the Kingdom of God?"

"He underwent many things," replied Elder Kyrillos, who knew about all the Saints inside out. "He even endured death on the cross, like our Lord."

And the Grace of God with a heavenly voice replied:

"You also, if you endure these temptations that have come to you, you also will one day have a place in the Kingdom of God."

At that moment his sadness and temptations went away.

Source: Translation by John Sanidopoulos.