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Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Theological School of the Apostles

 By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

In the beginning the Apostles were called "Disciples", then they were called "Apostles" because they were sent throughout the world, then they were called "Ecumenical Teachers".

This successive series of characteristics - Disciples, Apostles, Teachers - shows that the Apostles went through a "spiritual school", a "spiritual Theological School", where they learned the spiritual knowledge that comes from faith and love.

The Church, in addition to being a spiritual hospital that heals the spiritual illnesses of people, is also a spiritual family and at the same time a "spiritual school". In this school the Teacher is Christ and the Saints, while we are the students who are taught the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In this school, we are taught the following subjects:

- Knowledge of God (What is God?)

- Knowledge of Man (What is man and what is his purpose?)

- Science of Spiritual Healing (How are we healed?)

- Eternal Life (How can we live in eternity with Christ?)

Also, as in every science and in every school, a special method is applied for the learning of knowledge. Thus, in the School of the Church there is a special method for acquiring divine knowledge and this is praxis and theoria. And as in every school there are exercises, examinations, successes and failures, the same thing happens in the School of the Church.

We should consider it a great honor that we are students in this "School of the Church", that we have as a Teacher and teachers Christ and the Holy Apostles, but we also have our classmates in all the Saints.
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