June 6, 2022

The Vision of the Departed Soul of Saint Theodore the Studite by Saint Hilarion of Dalmatoi Monastery

At the time Venerable Hilarion of Dalmatoi Monastery (comm. June 6) returned from captivity, which he suffered on behalf of his veneration of the Holy Icons, Venerable Theodore the Studite went to the Lord (comm. Nov. 11), who also suffered many evils from heretics for his Orthodoxy. His holy soul, ascended to heaven by the Angels, was seen by Venerable Hilarion, as it is said in the Life of Saint Theodore. On the day when Saint Theodore the Studite presented himself, Venerable Hilarion, working in his garden and chanting psalms, heard some wondrous voices and smelled an unspeakably wonderful scent. Astonished, he began to look around where it came from, and looking up, he saw a multitude of angels in white robes, whose bright faces shone, who came down from heaven to meet someone with songs. Seeing all this, Venerable Hilarion fell to the ground in great fear, and heard someone say to him: "This is the soul of Theodore, abbot of the Studite Monastery, who suffered with his blood for the holy icons and heroically endured hardships to the end, and now with his lips rejoicing he ascends to heaven, met by the Heavenly Powers." Worthy of such a wondrous vision, Venerable Hilarion was filled with great consolation and spiritual sweetness; and for many days he rejoiced in his soul, and his face shone with joy like the face of an angel.