Friday, June 7, 2013

Elder Paisios on Atheist Politicians

- One day, scandalized by a spiritual father who wanted to impose his political convictions on a spiritual child of his, I went to consult the Elder concerning this.

"For me, a hand which doesn't do the cross, whether it's 'right' or 'left', is THE SAME [i.e. atheistic politicians either of the left or of the right]. They don't have any difference."

- Strive to learn who is honorable, righteous and vote for them. Today we have need, not of bright people, but of honorable people.

- Personally, if the communists weren't atheist, if they didn't hunt Christ, I would agree with them. It's good for the plots of land, the factories, to belong to everyone; not for one to be hungry while someone else is throwing away food.

- If material goods are not distributed with the Gospel, in the end they will be distributed with the knife.

From Talks With Father Paisios by Athanasios Rakovalis (Thessaloniki 2000).

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