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June 28, 2013

Didactic Sayings of St. Raphael of Lesvos

The following teachings come from St. Raphael, the newly-revealed martyr of Lesvos, through revelations of his various appearances to residents in Lesvos.

- Donors to churches have the blessing of God. A donor to the house of God becomes a recipient of God's gifts.

- Work is a great precaution against temptations.

- Greed is a terrible sin.

- Temperance of the tongue always brings peace.

- Great evil to the person who lives with contaminated thoughts.

- Goodness of the soul is worth more than the beauty of the body.

- Beware of the condemnation of your fellow man.

- O man, protect yourself from sin in order to gain Paradise.

- Christian, all mornings are yours, but Sunday morning belongs to God. Do not forget this.

- Without Holy Communion there does not exist, there does not exist eternal life for man.

- The Holy Spirit is an air of love. He is the light that burns. He is a cool and cheerful breeze.

- Worldly glory does not lead God's children to heaven.

- Humility is a blessing that protects the soul from sin.

- The protection of God is the true assurance of man.

- Obedience to the words of the Gospel will give the soul eternity.

- If man does not suffer in life on earth then it is not easy to enter the gates of Paradise.

- Whatever happens to man in his life, it is because of his naughty life.

- When man prays, the evil one plummets.

- The study of the divine word, matures the thought of man.

- Fasting should be accompanied by a virtuous life.

- Spiritual formation is higher than anything.

- Do not hurt your fellow man, neither in word nor deed.

- Despair is the work of the evil one.

- Without affliction the Christian people cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

- Money does not bring rest to the soul, but sinks it into darkness.

- Repentance resurrects man.

- When God blesses all is delightful, beneficial and prosperous.

- The medicines of the soul, are the divine words of the Gospel.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.