June 11, 2013

A Blind and Deaf Girl Healed by the Theotokos at Kiev Caves Lavra

Lena Melnitschenko was born healthy, yet at the age of 12 years old she lost her sight and her hearing. From the beginning the doctors did not give hope to the family of Lena, stressing that the situation was very difficult and irreversible.

The diagnosis that was made was that she had "a tumor in the optic nerve", which is not curable and deprives the patient of the gift of sight. As if this was not enough, Lena also began to lose her hearing until she was no longer able to hear.

Yet Lena never stopped hoping. She would frequently visit the Kiev Caves Lavra and especially prayed before the miraculous icon of Panagia Pantanassa. After two years of praying, patience and perseverance, the Panagia performed her miracle.

One day while she was praying in darkness, a ray of sun broke the darkness that had overwhelmed her eyes for years. The first thing she saw after so many years of blindness was the miraculous icon of the Panagia.

The Mother of God and the Mother of us all did her miracle once again. The news spread immediately. Lena immediately went to visit her doctors (from Israel and Ukraine) who watched her and confirmed in amazement the miracle.

After a few months Lena also began to hear - the miracle was now complete. At this moment Lena enjoys perfect bodily and spiritual health and continues to visit the Panagia who helped her so much and made her a living example of faith, patience and prayer.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos