June 17, 2013

An Apostate to Pentecostalism Who Returned To Orthodoxy

A few days ago another brother returned to the Apostolic teaching of the Orthodox Church from the destructive sect of the Pentecostals.

This brother was five years in their sect, long enough to come to tell me that he felt like it was 80 years! Before this he was Orthodox. He was married but soon after divorced. Unhappiness, frustration, sadness and the influence of some neighbors led him to heresy. There he was received with "love", they "embraced" him, and had him sing together with them, and finally they baptized him saying that his previous baptism in the Orthodox Church had no power.

They particularly stressed that if he wanted to be born again he should be baptized in water AND in the Holy Spirit. But while he was considered unbaptized and needing rebaptism, at the same time they considered him already married, recognizing the power of the Orthodox Wedding!

I don't know if we should talk about their absurdity, their immature experiences or their sadistic interpretation of the Gospel. Let these things be analyzed by the experts. This brother, however, remained in this state for five years and changed four different Pentecostal congregations, without any help from the so-called "ministers", without anyone ever speaking to him or rather hearing his pain and his thoughts, despite being bombarded with sermons about "love" which caused him disgust.

This brother did manage to leave. He returned to Orthodoxy and cautiously made his first steps back to the Church of Christ. I know he will stay and face the monster of coldness residing at the entrances of some Parishes.

He may not meet "love attacks", but he will meet the Lord Himself in the Eucharistic Table. You don't need anything else.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos