Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Statement on a Buddhist Workshop in Greece

A statement issued in March 2013 by the Holy Metropolis of Glyfada on a Buddhist workshop that took place later that month.

On Saturday 23 March 2013 there will take place in the area around Parliament a "workshop on Natural Farming", which is advertised as a "philosophical-practical workshop". Faithful Christians, as well as every citizen, should be aware that this is a Buddhist workshop based on so-called "Natural Farming".

"Natural Farming", a method developed by the Japanese Masanobu Fukuoka[1], is "a Buddhist way of farming which is derived from the philosophy of 'nothing' and the return to a natural state of 'non-action'."[2] The teachings of Buddhist teacher Fukuoka are characterized as "a spiritual guide that uses farming (or gardening or agriculture) as a path that can lead to enlightenment."[3] Agriculture, therefore, in this system becomes a spiritual path and the farmer is taught that we become "one" with nature, identifying himself with the crops and eliminating the "I".[4]

The invitations sent to faithful Christians speak of an "unmethodical method (as Fukuoka himself calls it) which is based on the holistic view of agriculture, nature and man." It should be noted that the holistic view of man and the world is an anti-Christian doctrine that includes belief in the existence of an impersonal God and universal energy. Therefore, Christians should prevent themselves from attending this workshop.

1. See the magazine 'DIALOGUE' issues 23 and 48.


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Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos
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