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March 20, 2012

Eirini Merkouri Testifies To Her Orthodox Faith

Eirini Merkouri is a famous Greek singer who in a recent interview on Greek television gave her testimony of her deep faith in Jesus Christ and the Saints who have helped her in her life. She speaks in the video above of her deeply pious mother who raised her and her four siblings in the Orthodox Faith and named her after St. Irene Chrysovalantou; her birth name was Chrysovalantou but she calls herself by her middle name Eirini. Living near the Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou in Athens, her mother would take her there weekly for the Divine Liturgy. When she was 16 her mother died of cancer at the age of 49. Now, inspired by fellow Greek singer Nikos Kourkoulis, who also recently gave his testimony of his deep Christian Faith and the miracles in his life (see here), she also decided to go public with her testimony.

Recently Eirini had a health scare with cancer that put her in the hospital and she was helped to be cured by a saint after seeing the saint in a dream. She describes the dream in which she was standing outside of the Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou and she saw St. John the Russian, St. David of Evia and St. Ephraim the New; three saints whom she knew about growing up and visited in their nearby monasteries. St. Irene Chrysovalantou was also there, and she walked in front of the three. As they were walking, Eirini asks where they are going. They said that they were going to Jesus Christ to ask that they can make Chrysovalantou, that is Eirini Merkouri, better. She considers this vision a great honor and is humbled by it. And she encourages everyone to likewise speak publicly about Christ and their Faith.