March 29, 2012

Turkish Minister: Greece Hinders Halki's Opening

March 28, 2012

Turkey's Minister on EU matters, Egemen Bagis, commented on yesterday's statement by U.S. President Barack Obama's promise to P.T. Erdogan to open, in the near future, the theological school on the island of Halki.

It turns out that Greece is to blame for the the delay in returning the Halki School. Turkey expects Greece to take synchronous steps in respecting the religious rights of Muslim minorities -- whereas the Turkish government returned to the Patriarchate of Constantinople an orphanage on Prinkipos and a schoolin Galata and now expects reciprocal steps [from Greece].

On March 27, Urash Karim, the new Turkish Ambassador in Athens visited the Archbishop Hieronymous II of Athens and all Greece. The 40-minute meeting "was held in a friendly atmosphere", reported "Romfea."