March 14, 2012

15th-century Orthodox Frescoes Identified in Poland

February 29, 2012
Associated Press

Frescoes discovered on the walls of an Orthodox Church in Poland have been identified as 15th-century art works, and funds are being raised to restore them.

Art historian Jaroslaw Giemza said Tuesday that recent research on the frescoes at the ancient church in the eastern village of Posada Rybotycka have dated them to that late Middle Age period.

White paint had concealed the frescoes for a long time, and they were first partly uncovered in the 1960s.

Giemza said the frescoes are now considered as Poland's only full set of icons of Biblical figures painted on walls, something he called rare in central Europe.

Giemza told reporters that funds are being raised to restore the frescoes from their poor condition.