March 19, 2012

Synaxis of All the Saints of Fthiotidos

On the Sunday before the feast of the Annunciation (March 25), the Metropolis of Fthiotidos celebrates the synaxis of all the saints who were either born, lived, or died within the region of Fthiotidos (Phthiotis). These saints are: the Apostle Herodian of the Seventy (Mar. 28, Nov. 10), the Holy Martyr Jerusalem (Sept. 4), Sts. Nikitas of Thebes (June 23), Saint Agathon (Aug. 7), Saint Athanasios of Meteora (Apr. 20), Saint David the Elder (Nov. 1), Hieromartyr Gregory (Sunday before March 25), Saint Seraphim Domboitis (May 6), and Saint Nektarios of Aegina (Nov. 9).

At the celebration of the feast on 18 March 2012, Metropolitan Nicholas of Fthiotidos celebrated in the Church of the Annunciation to the Theotokos in Lamia. Together with the icon dedicated to the feast, also present was the miraculous icon of the Panagia Gerontissa which was brought from Pantokratora Monastery on Mount Athos, the holy skull of the Holy Martyr Jerusalem from Beroia, and the holy skull of St. David from Evia. (See photos)