April 8, 2011

Synaxis of Panagia of the Unfading Rose in Piraeus

The history of the parish of Panagia of the Unfading Rose (Ρόδον Αμάραντον) in Piraeus, according to the testimonies of former residents, began around the year 1890 AD, when a fisherman pulled an old icon from the rocks of Piraeus, which depicted the Virgin Mary holding Christ, seated as a child, holding in his hand a "Rose". The event immediately became known in the region. A devout family, named Katsaros, having the desire to offer a "home" for the icon of the Virgin Mary on its own initiative, built a private chapel with the name Panagia of the Unfading Rose. Here was housed the old icon and it was venerated by the locals.

The years passed and more and more people were flowing into the area and there was a need to create a parish to accommodate the faithful. Until then, the area of ​​Piraeus was subject under the Archdiocese of Athens. The problem was resolved with the donation of the family Koutsodonti which provided the land for the foundation of the church and create a new parish. In the following years there were struggles, and there was hard work and sacrifice to authorize something from the council.

In 1973, Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Piraeus celebrated the dedication of the new church and handed it over to the loyal parishioners. Shortly before the dedication, by letter of the Hierarchy of the Archdiocese of Athens, the parish was officially separated and named the Church of Panagia of the Unfading Rose.

The first church functioned normally until the year 1983 when it was decided by the Church Council to build a new, brighter and larger church from the foundation. The work to complete the church lasted two years.

In 1986, Metropolitan Kallinikos of Piraeus dedicated the new glorious Church of the Panagia of the Unfading Rose, and it celebrates every year on the Friday of the Akathist Hymn.

The first floor chapel of the church was named "Archangel Michael of Simi" and celebrates on November 9. (The name change was because the Archangel Michael of Simi is particularly honored by Symian's, many of whom live in the area of ​​Piraeus).

The old chapel of Panagia of the Unfading Rose

The new parish of Panagia of the Unfading Rose