April 11, 2011

The Relics of Saint Antipas, the Martyr of Revelation 2:13

In 610 A.D. the future Roman Emperor Heraclius had the beheaded body of Emperor Phocas burned in a brazen ox. This brazen ox was the same one used to slowly burn alive Saint Antipas the Martyr (April 11), whom the Lord speaks of in Revelation 2:13. More can be read about Saint Antipas here.

Saint Antipas was sentenced to be burned alive in the brazen ox at the age of 83. This ox had been donated by King Attalus of Pergamum (241-197 BC) on the Acropolis of the city of Pergamum as a trophy of victory against the Gauls. It was transferred by the Romans to the Egyptian temple of Serapis in Pergamon, who honored the ox as a sacred animal. The body of St. Antipas also was buried outside the city where later a small church was built in his honor. Emperor Theodosius brought the ox and relics to Constantinople.

Today the relics of St. Antipas can be found in many places. A portion of his skull is in Patmos, Dionysiou Monastery at Mount Athos has his right arm, and his jaw is at Great Lavra Monastery on Mount Athos. More relics can be found in places such as the Phanar in Constantinople and the Metropolis Cathedral of Mytileni.

It should be noted that the relics of St. Antipas are myrrh-flowing.