April 6, 2011

A Personal Experience of the Miracle In Kalymnos

My Personal Experience of the Miracle

By Fr. Panteleimon in Kalymnos

A little while ago I returned from the Holy Trinity Church in Kalymnos where the sign of Christ's appearance is still in the icon of the Panagia in the temple.

I submit my personal experience:

First I want to clarify that I am not a faithless person, but skeptical, and my first worry was not to expose the Church, especially in the days we live in, where all the challengers for good or evil purposes feel strongly compelled to challenge something even before they see it. They are almost in a hurry to hide the obvious or weaken the events to throw dirt at the Church. Also I know the difference between true faith and pure religious delirium, and as a pastor I must stress this often for the good of faith.

Second: In my first contact with the icon up close I saw a brightness, and only on the left shoulder of the Panagia, which was indistinct. I moved a distance to the candle stand and from this angle I SAW CAPTURED ON THE SAME SPOT THE FORM OF CHRIST OF THE NAZARENE TYPE crystal clear as if it were contoured and painted in brown ink. CRYSTAL CLEAR!

Third: The little icon of the Panagia in the temple located directly below the big icon of the miraculous Panagia EXUDED AN ODOR OF MYRRH. This little icon is oil-based and not done with a perfume or cologne. I sensed the same smell in the shrine of the relics of Saint Savva which was walled in and sealed with cement in a marble "box"-reliquary in the Temple of Saint Anne in Kalymnos. It gave off an odor even though it was sealed with insulating materials. For me it is clearly the same source of origin.

Fourth: I was shown a picture of the Miraculous Icon from the day before, and the image of Christ was moved to the right shoulder of the Panagia - IT IS AN IMAGE OF CHRIST OF THE APOKATHILOSIS* TYPE AS IF THE THEOTOKOS IS EMBRACING HIM. This demonstrates the true experience of many that the imprinted image "changes points" on the icon and how this consistently rules out any exploitation or prior painted picture below the layer of the original image. Here is the picture and I apologize to the source because in my excitement and shock, I forgot who the source was. I will say that it is something distributed and not hidden nor exclusive.

Fifth: As I have written, for me the miracle is related to the Christian life. It is not something that struck me as something extraordinary, because for God everything is possible. My humble opinion is that it is for those caught up in the material cares of life who pass by daily miracles, so God sends us something extraordinary that is sure to shake us. I say this ... I do not know. Also, I would urge those shaken to feel spiritual joy and security because the living God is among us showing His presence and calling us to Him. From our part is encouraged humble repentance and conversion that our joy be filled. Let us pray it is not a precursor sign of evil and suffering due to our sins, to speak anthropomorphically of God, but a sign of hope and support only. The Lord knows.

Sixth: I submit the above simply, telegraphically and bluntly, because I do not intend to simply excite the religious sentiment or deceive anyone, but only to provide A LIVE EVENT OF AN EXPERIENCE TESTIFIED BY THOUSANDS OF INTELLIGENT, CREDIBLE AND ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE, mainly without prejudice. It is something which is happening, living and factual. It is not necessary to panic, but to be sober and return to Church life. We confess together with John the Evangelist THAT WHICH WE HAVE SEEN AND HEARD AND HANDLED WITH OUR HANDS. MAY THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BE BLESSED. Nothing more or less.

I will keep you updated ...

Before Your most pure image we bow down, O Good One, entreating You to forgive our sins, Christ our God. For You willingly ascended the Cross in the flesh to deliver from the enemy those whom You had made. For this we thank You and cry to You, O Savior: By coming to save the world, You have fulfilled all things with joy.
*The icon of Christ being taken down from the Cross, which can be seen below:

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos