April 13, 2011

The Latest Scam: Nails from Jesus’ Cross

There are a few things to be learned from the story yesterday that the nails from Jesus’ cross have been found. First, Simcha Jacobovici is a scam artist. He will say anything to make a buck. Second, the media will carry any story about Jesus the week before Easter. If you ignore all of these for the rest of your life, there is little chance you will miss anything of value.

Robert Cargill does a good job of evaluating Simcha’s “logic” when he says the following:

Because Caiaphas is mentioned in the story of Jesus, and the nails “disappeared” for a time, they must be the nails of Jesus’ crucifixion?????

Jim West makes a good observation that the “sad thing about idiotic archaeological claims

Is that – because Simcha Jacobovici and others have so often presented unsubstantiated and unfounded claims about stirring and important ‘discoveries’ - if anything real is ever discovered very few people will believe it.