April 2, 2011

Historic Monastery In Cyprus Today A Spa Resort

The Monastery of the Holy Unmercenaries (Agioi Anargyri) in Miliou of Paphos is a historic monastery. It was established in 1649 by St. Panaretos who was then Metropolitan of Paphos. It played an important role in the region in the few centuries of its existence. Even throughout the 1980's it operated as a female convent. By 2009 the Monastery was purchased and converted into a spa resort, apparently by permission of the local bishop.

The Monastery prior to becoming a spa resort.

The Monastery today as a spa-resort.

The holy water of the Monastery.

The pools of the spa resort.

The Monastery as it was a few years ago.

The cells of the monastics today.

Read more about the Monastery here.

The spa resort website can be viewed here.