April 12, 2011

The Church of Greece Paid 100 Million Euros In Charity For 2010

April 13, 2011

Today, Tuesday 12 April 2011, the first meeting for the month of April by the Standing Holy Synod of Greece was held, under the presidency of the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr. Ieronymos.

At today's meeting:

The Standing Holy Synod was briefed by the Synodal Commission for Social Welfare and Benefaction that in 2010 it spent more than ninety-six million euro (96,234,510.47 ₠) for the maintenance and operation of institutions for charitable and social purposes.

The Church has a huge social and charitable work that alleviates the suffering and underprivileged of the Greek people, which it undertakes with seven hundred (700) institutions around the Archdiocese of Athens and the Holy Metropolis'.

As examples, in recent years the Church has spent:

- For 2004 the amount of 62,862,240.10 ₠

- For the year 2006 the amount of 90,723,926.13 ₠

- For the year 2007 the amount of 92,605,900 ₠

- For the year 2008 the amount of 92,605,900.75 ₠ and

- For the year 2009 the amount of 92,023,217.75 ₠

Moreover, for the year 2010 the Holy Synod of Greece paid a sum of approximately 600,000 ₠ in Scholarships for a total of 100 Greek students studying abroad and foreign students studying in Greek Universities, and this covers health care in all cases for the students to take the student insurance card from the school.

Continuing the program of subsidy for those with a third child in Thrace, the Church paid for the year 2010 the total amount of 1,086,276 ₠ to 917 families.

In summary, the Church in charity work generally spent in the year 2010 the amount of 100,000,000 ₠.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos