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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miss Universe 2002: 'Real Spiritual Help Only In Orthodoxy'

Miss Universe Winner Says She Got Real Spiritual Help Only In Orthodoxy

June 30, 2010

The renowned TV anchor who once won the Miss Universe title believes that only the Orthodox faith has helped her in life and brought her consolation.

"When I was young, I tried various religious trends. But I managed to find consolation and real spiritual help only in Orthodoxy," Oxana Fyodorova was quoted as saying by the Radonezh website.

However, her way to the Orthodox Church was not easy. According to her, she "always made mistakes, but the heart was searching for the Truth," which by intuition she "felt in Orthodoxy."

Oxana is convinced that Russians are strong with their spirituality and faith. "If you take it from them, everything will fall down," she said.

"When a person is with God, he has nothing to be afraid of. He is protected by the Love. And we don't have another road, only this one," Oxana said urging believers to be ready for trials and have a spiritual power in order not to abandon the chosen way.

More about Oxana Fedorova here.

Oxana Fedorova in Sri Lanka for Baptismal Icon Exhibition

Television hostess and former Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova and Miss Sri Lanka 2008, Gaisha Perera, hosted a Russian cultural event that featured the opening of the exhibition "Measured Icon: History and Modernity." The event was held with the cooperation of the Russian Club of Senators, the Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenas, the Charity Fund of Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Fedorova and the Embassy of the Russian Federation with its Cultural Center in Sri Lanka in the capital city of Colombo on April 22, 2010. Courtesy: KP: RU

Oxana is the face of the project, "The Measured Icon: Its History and Its Present" whose goal is to revive the tradition of the Baptismal Icon. Oxana has opened Baptismal Icon exhibitions in several cities, including Pskov and Saint Petersburg, Russia; Prague, Czech Republic; Tallinn, Estonia; Paris, France and Colombo, Sri Lanka. The exhibitions are organized by the Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenases.
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