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Friday, July 23, 2010

Elder Porphyrios On Speaking To Others About Christ

Elder Porphyrios would say: "I do not speak about Christ, unless others want to, unless they ask."

The Elder would say this not because of his ego, but because of his respect for the freedom of each individual.

He would further explain: "I pray for those people, I will even work miracles for them, but I do not speak to them. I want their soul to open up and to ask me."

People would say, especially the youth: "This is the first time we have seen a priest who says nothing to us about God."

When a young girl confronted him on this, the Elder responded to her: "I beg you, my child Georgia, do not misunderstand me as to why I did not speak to you about Christ. I did not do it out of disrespect, but out of respect, because I do not speak with anyone about religious matters unless I am asked."

By asking to hear something, a person willingly listens. And to these beginners the Elder would give a very light spiritual rule to follow to make sure they execute it with joy.

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