July 22, 2010

Miracle of Saint Markella of Chios in 1942

During March of 1942, when Greece was under German occupation, thirty-nine Greek officers secretly sailed from Lavrion to Asia Minor. When the launch was between Chios and Mytilene, they encountered a fierce storm. The boat was severely damaged and became totally uncontrollable. About 1:00 A.M., one of the officers fell overboard and was drowned. During this desperate situation, the other officers fearfully prayed to the Almighty.

One of them, Kreon Talios, says that he saw a dark mysterious cloud from which emanated a bright light. From within this light there developed a beautiful building which was a church. Emerging from the church was a beautiful girl who beckoned to the officers with her right hand to be calm. Miraculously the storm subsided. By day-break, the boat had drifted near the "Tomb of Saint Markella."

At this time, a patrol of Volissians, headed by Alexander Zorbas, were in the area. Among these men were two brothers, named Karagiosis, who strangely enough had served under Kreon Talios on the Albanian front. These men helped the officers bring the boat to the cove of Saint Markella. The monk Arsenias, the church’s caretaker, hid the officers, since the Germans had a garrison in Volissos. In three days the boat was repaired and the officers again set sail for Asia Minor where there were ruins of a church next to a huge wild olive tree. The church was named Saint Markella, the same as the church in Volissos which served as a lighthouse for them along with the saint who lead them to safety.

The Church of St. Markella in Chios

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Submitting to the laws of the Lord's divine teachings, you strove to keep them blamelessly, O Martyr Markella. And fearing the violence of your father, you fled from him and dwelt in the mountains. Pursuing you he found you and slew you, O undefiled bride of Christ. Glory to Him who strengthened you. Glory to Him who crowned you. Glory to Him who works healings for all through you.