July 21, 2010

The Chapel of the Prophet Elijah in Ano Glyfada

On the mountains of Hymettus in Ano Glyfada, Athens stands the Chapel of Prophet Elias (Elijah).

Sixty years ago, in 1950, a pious builder named Sarantos saw in his sleep the Prophet Elijah who told him to climb the mountain in order to find his icon.

When he awoke, Sarantos immediately began to search the area indicated to him to find the icon. After many attempts, he finally discovered the icon that was revealed in his dream by the Prophet Elias.

With the help of a donkey, he gathered his building tools and materials, and with much labor and difficulty built the Chapel of the Prophet Elias that still stands today. It should be told that in those days it was very difficult to reach this area and there were no roads. However the faith of Sarantos was great, and his faith became the reward of the people of Athens, who every year gather in the hundreds to celebrate the feast of the Prophet Elias every July 20th.

See also the video from the feast day on July 20th here.