July 26, 2010

5th Century Monastery Unearthed in Syria

By R. Raslan
22 July 2010
Global Arab Network

Syria (Idleb) – A 5th century Monastery covering an area of 300 m2 was unearthed at Tela'ar site, Khan Shaykhoun area in Idleb Province of Syria, Archaeologists have announced.

Director of Ma'arrat al-Numan Archaeological Directorate Ghazi Allulo told Syrian Media that the site includes a monastery with a courtyard paved with mosaic and surrounded by halls on the four sides.

Adjacent to the monastery, a small church lies. The church includes a mosaic central square and a niche. The mosaic portrays a scene of a predator chasing a deer and a beast chasing a female donkey (jenny). A fruitful pomegranate separates the two scenes.

The niche contains a vessel lying in between two birds, shedding light on the construction stage of the church. The surrounding halls are paved with ornamental mosaic of different geometric designs.

Allulo said "in 1998, an 800-m2 church floor was unearthed discovered and moved to be showcased at the city museum in al-Ma'arrat.(SANA)