July 12, 2010

Greek Men Seek Ordination To Escape Economic Crisis

According to a report by Romfea.gr, many young men in Greece are seeking ordination primarily to be able to make a living in the future and escape the economic crisis. The original report was featured on the Greek television station "Alter".

This is a serious report in which two alternatives are being considered - is it better to don the clerical cassock and hope for an easy way out of the financial crisis or should one face their fears of possible financial insecurity?

According to Fr. George Vamvakides, spokesman for ISKE (Sacred Association of Priests in Greece): "There exists a phenomenon, due to the crisis, of many candidates coming forward for ordination for the opportunity at restoration."

"Each Metropolitan of a particular jurisdiction consider and discuss every detail. If it is judged that the candidate seeks only the opportunity at restoration in his essence, he is judged unfortunate and not ordained", said Fr. George.

Lastly, Fr. Vamvakides emphasized: "The criteria for ordination are piety and fear of God. A calling from God and a calling from the people. These are the criteria."