January 30, 2010

Russian Cathedral May Appear Near Eiffel Tower

Russian Cathedral is Probable to Appear Near Eiffel Tower

Moscow, January 29, Interfax – Russia applied for participating in a contest for a lot of land to build an Orthodox church in Paris.

“The Executive Office of the President on behalf of the Russian Federation, in compliance with the governmental order, participates in a contest for purchasing a lot of land in Paris. In case of winning, we will build a Russian spiritual and cultural center,” the Russian Newsweek magazine has cited the Office's press secretary Viktor Khrekov as saying.

Khrekov noted that Russia had not done such concessions since 1917.

According to the edition, the land in question is located in downtown Paris not far from Eiffel Tower. Other contenders for the land is Saudi Arabia that wishes to build a diplomatic building and a mosque there.

Among other participants is Canada with an embassy project and a group of private investors who plan to construct a hotel.

[Update from February 10, 2010: Kremlin Acquires Plot Alongside Eiffel Tower]