January 23, 2010

Poll: Most Blasphemous Movie in Theatres

I have just posted a poll on the sidebar, something which I will do more and more in the future (suggestions welcome for topical subjects), which addresses the question as follows:

"What movie in theatres now with a religious theme is the most blasphemous?"

The choices are:

The Lovely Bones
The Book of Eli
Sherlock Holmes
The White Ribbon

I have seen all of these movies except two - The White Ribbon and Creation. I hope to see both tomorrow or sometime this week. You can change your vote as you see them all, but voting ends on my birthday which is February 15th.

I was inspired to publish this poll because I have seen a theme of religious content in movies in theatres today, and some are good though others are horrible. This opens up the possibility of producing blasphemous content, as so far all of these movies posted have some sort of blasphemous content in my opinion, though some are not completely bad. Therefore, with the Oscars approaching (March 7th), I thought this was the most appropriate subject to produce a poll on.

My personal choice for most blasphemous movie is one I just saw a few hours ago in the theatre. It blows the other one's away by far in blasphemy that I have so far seen. My opinion may change when I see the two movies I have not seen, but for now the most blasphemous movie in theatres today is by far "Legion". It is so irredeemably blasphemous I just don't recommend watching it. But for those who have and those who are curious, this can be one of your choices.

After submitting your answer and would like to give your reason, I recommend you do so in the COMMENTS section on this post. I encourage it.