January 27, 2010

Contemporary Miracles of St. John Chrysostom

Between November 10-19 in 2007 the skull of St. John Chrysostom was brought from Vatopaidi Monastery on Mount Athos to Cyprus to be venerated by the faithful. When the pious faithful came to venerate his relics in the church, it was noticed by all that an aromatic scent came from the relic like a wave filling the church, and the incorrupt flesh was warm as if alive. People with all sorts of diseases and disorders came seeking healing, and many did not leave disappointed.

Two miracles in particular were reported at that time throughout the world. One such report can be found here.

The following comes from the website Full of Grace and Truth which has translated some of these miracles:

A) Healing of a woman with a right foot break. After the vespers on Saturday November 10th, the woman rushed from the Church and banged her foot, which was later found to be broken near the ankle. In the hospital where she was transferred, her foot was placed in a cast and she was ordered to keep it immobile and to use crutches to get around only where necessary. She was in great pain when she returned being supported to the Church for the Saint's feast to venerate the Skull. After venerating the pains left, the break in her foot healed, and she left her crutches and removed the cast.

B) The healing of a ten-year-old of hemiplagia. Following a head injury, a ten-year-old student from Archangelo was left with hemiplagia, numbness and paralysis of his whole left side. For a period of at least two weeks before the Skull arriving in Cyprus, he was being cared for in the General Hospital of Leukosia. After venerating the precious Skull, according to his own and his family's confession, his condition, to the surprise of everyone, disappeared. This event and the previous one, were carried by the media.

C) Disappearance of a large tumor in the neck and the healing of a man with neurological problems, problems with the vertebrae and dyskinesia. There was a couple in which the woman had a large tumor on her neck, and her husband suffered from the aforementioned sicknesses. With great effort they entered the line to venerate. One instant the husband thought that two fingers were pushing his lower back. The pains became stronger and their agony more apparent as they wondered whether they would be able to venerate. When it was their turn to venerate, with wonder they noted that from the wife the tumor disappeared, and the husband was left totally healthy.

D) Healing of a man with back dyskinesia. According his own confession, he had a most severe problem, which was localized in his back, and during the veneration of the Skull and after intense vibrations he felt when he bent over to venerate, his problems disappeared.

E) The healing of a child ready to die from Sri Lanka. Formerly a Buddist, a woman later embraced Orthodoxy in Cyprus and was baptized. With fervent faith she prayed at the Skull of the Saint and when she venerated it, she prayed for her niece in Sri Lanka that was near death. After this she received a call from her homeland, which she made known as there was no reason to keep silent, that the child escaped from danger. She, knowing what had taken place, attributed this to the wonderworking power of the Saint, and informed her family of this in Sri Lanka. The result of this was an intense anxiety of that family and those around about what was the true faith and their position in the search for truth.

Finally, the greatest wonder, greater than these and other healings, were the resurrections of the souls of people, the soul and spiritual healing, the turn towards repentance and correction of life. A wonder, which the eye can't behold and the hear is unable to hear. It is felt however in the heart of every man and is experienced in the depth of his existence.