January 13, 2010

Papa Dimitri Gagastathis and the Old Calendarists

- "Father, the Old Calendarists tell us that our Sacraments are invalid. What do you say?"

How do the Old Calendarists say that our Sacraments are invalid? In 1947, while I was doing the service of Sanctification and chanting ‘Great are You, O Lord, and great are Your works’, a smoke came out of the cup and the water was heated up. Even in the cups that pious Christians held, the water was heated up. How, then, can you tell me that the Sacraments are invalid?

- How can God work miracles with the New Calendar if it is not right? How did the miracle of St. Bessarion happen in the village of Dousiko? This is enough to show us that the right faith, love and keeping of the commandments play an important role in the sanctification of man. I wrote about this matter to Fr. Philotheos Zervakos and he responded to me rightly--and so I also believe, the unlearned one, from my experience--that 13 days can neither take you out or put you into the Kingdom of Heaven....I also asked the Archangels about it and they told me, ‘Stay where you are.’