Friday, July 17, 2015

Saint Marina Resource Page


By the hand of the executioner you were beheaded Marina with the sword,
By the hand of the Lord you are crowned with divine grace.
On the seventeenth Marina was beheaded.

Synaxarion of Saint Marina the Martyr

Saint Marina the Great Martyr and Vanquisher of Demons

Saint Marina the Great Martyr as a Model for our Lives

Can Demons Suffer Physical Harm?

St. Marina and Satan: A Syriac Dialogue Poem

The Relics of Saint Marina (photos)

The Icon of St. Marina With Her Relic

The Holy Monastery of Saint Marina in Andros

Astonishing Contemporary Miracles of Saint Marina on the Island of Andros

The 12th Century Chapel of Saint Marina on Mount Parnitha

The Church of Saint Marina in Thissio

Monastery of Saint Marina Atop Mount Langa in Albania

The Wonderworking Icon of St. Marina of Maistros

Bulgarian Orthodox Honor Saint Marina

Miracles of St. Marina in Cyprus (Video in Greek)

Muslims Join Orthodox in Honoring St. Marina

Saint Marina: The Protectress of Nephrology

The Vow of an Olympic Gold Medalist

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