July 12, 2015

Saint Paisios as an Orthodox Romios

After Metropolitan Seraphim of Kastoria co-celebrated the all-night patriarchal vigil and Divine Liturgy at the Convent of Saint John the Theologian in Souroti today, where the grave of St. Paisios is located and his first feast was celebrated by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, among other Hierarchs and Clergymen, he returned to his own Metropolis, to the Church of Saint Nikanor the Wonderworker, where Saint Paisios was also celebrated with a procession, and offered a message to the faithful titled: "An Orthodox Romios: Characteristic Features of Saint Paisios". His message to the Greek people in these critical times can be summarized as follows:

An Orthodox Romios* is:

- someone who believes in God,

- someone who has trust in God,

- someone who begins their day glorifying God and concludes it by offering thanksgiving to God,

- someone who has philotimo in their life.

These four characteristic features of Saint Paisios are absent today from all of us, which is why we are in a terrible predicament.

Saint Paisios offers us one message: We must have in our lives faith in God, trust in God, love for God and people, and philotimo.

* A Romios is a Christian whose spiritual roots are connected with the Orthodox citizens of the Roman/Byzantine Empire.

Below are photos from the celebration of St. Paisios by the Church of Saint Nikanor the Wonderworker: