July 12, 2015

A Tour of the Childhood Home of St. Paisios the Athonite by his Niece (video)

Between July 10-12 there were three days of events held in Konitsa, Greece in honor of the first official ecclesiastical celebration of St. Paisios the Athonite. Konitsa was where St. Paisios grew up, and it is where his childhood home is today, and members of his family still live there. It is where St. Paisios had his first memorable experience of God, a vision of the uncreated light in the Church of Saint Barbara at the age of fifteen, and he even lived as a monk in Stomiou Monastery in Konitsa.

In the following video, Maria Enzipidi, who is the daughter of the recently reposed Raphael Enzipidi (at 96 years of age on December 26, 2014), the brother of St. Paisios, takes us on a tour of the childhood home of St. Paisios, and shows us some of his personal belongings, which have their own particular stories.