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May 5, 2022

The Veneration of Photios Kontoglou for Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri

Photios Kontoglou was born in Aivali (Ayvalik), Asia Minor on November 8, 1895 and died in Athens on July 13, 1965.

The following incident refers to his last moments in the hospital and the wonderful information that his wife received from Saint Ephraim the Wonderworker. We read this in the book Visions and Miracles of Saint Ephraim the Great Martyr and Wonderworker.

"The late Photios Kontoglou was going through difficult days in the hospital, and his wife Maria Kontoglou was on her knees and prayed for his healing, invoking our Great Saint Ephraim. Let us not forget that the sanctified hand of the charismatic iconographer had painted the first icon of our Saint! So Maria Kontoglou expected something from the Saint.

And what greater help could she find, than to see at that very moment when she was praying, the soul of Photios Kontoglou was being held by Saint Ephraim, and in so much glory led it to Heaven!

She was surprised to see all this. What did it mean? At that moment, a phone call from the hospital answered her question, announcing that her husband had gently passed into Heaven. The Saint was in fact his companion!"

At the request of Photios Kontoglou, his bones were transferred to the Monastery of Nea Makri or Mount Amomon, where he often went and felt there a real spiritual uplift in the presence of Saint Ephraim.